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All videos are between 20 seconds and 2 minutes long, in sets of three or four clips, all categorised, with a description and a rating. Users provide these ratings – it’s a crucial interactive tool for getting and keeping them engaged.

Users can browse categories – everything from milfs to fetish - or they can search using keywords to find their perfect niche clip. They can choose to look at the most recently added content too, to keep their experience fresh. Or the highest user-rated content if they want the cream. With so many clips to choose from, they’ll always find exactly what they’re looking for.

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You can promote via your own unique domain name on the mobile internet. You’ll get a copy of that you can customise with the categories you want. Then you’ll get as many online banners as you need to drive traffic to your site, plus wap push content for direct promotion.

Charging options uses the Payforit mechanism so payments are on a sound footing. You have two options when it comes to charging.

Per piece – you can charge users between £1 and £3 for any video or image set.

Subscription – charge per day or per week for unlimited access.

Flexible charging models mean you can choose the route that’s right for your customers.

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